my heart was never pure

hey people still following me 

did you stop for bieber

this is a reminder that this blog is good and well dead

if you want my new url just shoot me an ask and i’ll send it to you once i’m done chronicling the sherlock on my new blog (unless you want to see it all again but trust me you probably don’t). this is for friends, though. i thank you guys for putting up with my spam but i want this to be a small affair where i don’t have to worry about harrassment/strangers trying to crawl up my ass/etc.

but also no one is obligated if you feel our friendship has run its course then you can just unfollow this blog and not worry about my new one and i will see you some time!!!

psa this blog is dead 

so unfollow!!!

before i get inexplicably angry anons i’m not deleting it because of my sherlock tag if i ever get all that stuff archived i will delete it. if you want this username then just message here and i’ll. do it faster i guess.

i’m pretty done and fed up with the internet

Adaptation. (2002)

Justin Bieber - Boyfriend

doNNA…. noBBLEEE…d.d……….donaan

dona dgnbneoble

ok seriously though why is onceler fandom a thing???? ???????????



the nineties were a dark time for everything